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Our over 60 years experience in hard metal allow us to produce a high quality product for the wire and cable industry.

Our Tungsten Carbide wire-guides, as well as being used extensively in stranding and straightening machines, are also used in twisting and bunching machines.

The excellent finishing and lapping grade allows and guarantees a finely finished product of excellent quality and our wire-guides are produced according to customer’s design.

We also produce: Mushroom and Shaped Dies in Tungsten Carbide, Radial bushes, Cylindrical and Conical Dies in Tungsten Carbide, Half Moon Dies and Slides in Tungsten Carbide.

Enamelling dies

Enamelling dies with Tungsten Carbide inserts, used for horizontal and vertical enamelling of wires.

The perfect profile and inner geometry of our dies ensure excellent fluidity during the enamelling phase and ensure an excellent finishing uniformity on the final product.

Our enamelling dies are manufactured according to our standard drawings but can also be produced to customer’s design.

Drawing dies

Drawing dies with Tungsten carbide inserts, usually used for wire drawing of steel, copper, aluminum, and widely used for drawing and processing of other special types of wires such as gold, silver and tungsten.

Drawing dies with Natural or PCD insert. The polycrystalline diamond is a long-life synthetic material and its perfect and polished surface reduces friction during the drawing phase. Our diamond dies can be produced either with round or shaped bores.


Tungsten carbide nozzles. They are mainly used in sandblasting, agriculture (sprayers, sprinklers …) and in the dental and pharmaceutical sectors.

Its “Antiusury” feature makes this product truly unique and allows it to be used in many other applications.

Items for lamination

– Tungsten Carbide Tools and Tool Holders
– Toolings for Rolling Mill
– Cutters

Other Products

– Rings in Tungsten Carbide
– Rough and finished items to customer’s drawing
– Rollers and Cylinders in Tungsten Carbide
– Inserts, Tips and Strips in Tungsten Carbide for the processing of wood, stone, for the textile and footwear field